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Mac Backup Software – Cloud Backup solutions to enhance your Backup strategy
As a Mac user you have or no doubt use Time Machine to automatically backup your data. It’s super easy after all, just set it and forget it . Where it is lacking however is it doesn’t backup your data to the Cloud. This can be a problem if your Time Machine data is on the Machine that ends up with an issue or an external drive fails.

As part of your Time Machine backup strategy you should consider adding Cloud Backup to ensure you data is safe no matter what event might occur. iDrive can automatically backup all your Time Machine data to the Cloud, not only that but it can sync any other files and folders you want with other machines & devices. Photos, Videos, Music, Work files can all be made available to other machines you choose.

Another option to look at for those who need a lot of space is Backblaze. Built by people who previously worked for Apple. Backblaze gives you unlimited Cloud storage and their desktop application is fully integrated into the system and you can be up and running in less than a minute after install.