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End-to-end Encryption & Zero or No Knowledge
Looking for Cloud Sync, Backup, Storage with End-to-end encryption? These services provide End-to-end Encryption & have Zero or No Knowledge protocols.

While End-to-end Encryption is rapidly becoming the standard today it doesn’t meet the requirements of many in all situations. If I send a file to anybody reading this using end-to-end encryption nobody during the files journey can see what is in that file. Not middlemen hackers, not the servers transporting it.. This is great, until you introduce a 3rd party like a Cloud Storage provider into the mix. If they offer a host of media features via the Browser then they need to be able to read the contents of the files you have stored on their server in order to display them and offer users the ability to view photos, videos, search, stream etc. They might be offering end-to-end encryption but they are also recipients and hold a copy of the decryption key.

This is where we get into Zero or No Knowledge. The services that provide this cannot see your files, they don’t know what you store or share because they don’t have access to a decryption key, only you do. Having this feature does have limitations as far as media features go but if your goal is to protect your files at all costs then it’s a cost you have to weigh up.

Many services have found a balance with this requirement and offer a separate Encrypted Vault feature while still being able to provide all the media features users expect from a Cloud or Sync service.