Sync – Best Secure Dropbox Alternative that’s Privacy Focused

Is your Cloud storage provider able to scan, read and access your files? You might not realise that most are able to! But what if you could replace it with a secure alternative and get all the benefits plus all the privacy your current storage is lacking?

Sync, the Secure Dropbox Alternative

Sync pitch themselves as a secure Dropbox alternative (although they are a suitable alternative to many Online storage providers like iCloud, OneDrive etc). Sync’s End-to-end encryption protects your confidential data in the cloud from unauthorized access at all times using a combination of 2048-bit RSA, SSL/TLS encryption giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure from prying eyes.

The people at Sync itself can’t read your files and no one else can either. In contrast, Dropbox keeps a copy of your encryption keys, which they use to access, scan, and share your files with third parties. This is all part of the Dropbox terms of service you must agree to, in order to use their service. Hard to believe? Read their terms of service!

Secure Dropbox Alternative

Real-time Backup & Sync

Sync backs up your files in realtime, and makes it easy to recover deleted files and previous versions of any file, any time. Never lose a file again.

Sync Browser Interface

Sync Vault

Free up space on your Computer or Device by storing files in the Sync Vault. Files you put into the Vault don’t get Sync’d with your devices.

Share links with or without Zero-knowledge encryption

When sharing links through Sync you have the option of using their enhanced privacy enabled setting. With this enabled shared files are only ever decrypted locally, by the browser – which makes them zero-knowledge. The size of shared links is limited when using this setting with Chrome supporting files up to 25GB, Firefox and Safari 500MB, IE 10+ and MS Edge 500MB.

Sync - Zero Knowledge Sharing

When this option is disabled there’s no limits on the file size & the shared link is still encrypted while in transit. Links you share can be password protected even on the Free Sync account option. On the Pro account you have access to additional features such are expiry dates, notifications and download limits.

Manage Sync on your Android and iOS devices

All your files in your Sync cloud can be handled with ease with the Android & iOS Sync app.

Encryption & Security Features you need

Sync utilizes a combination of 2048-bit RSA & SSL/TLS encryption to keep your files safe whether in storage or in transit. Along with that their End-to-end encryption ensures that you are the only person able to view & access your data.

There’s also Two-factor authentication and remote device lockout to provide that additional level of security on your Devices should you need it.

Used by 400,000+ Individuals & Businesses

Today, there are over 400,000 individuals and businesses across the world using Sync to keep their data safe, secure and private in the cloud. Sync is popular with educators, in healthcare, law firms, creative agencies, government, finance industry, and virtually anybody storing or sharing confidential documents or sensitive information and files in the cloud.

Some features of Sync

  • 5GB Free forever account option
  • Pro Individual & Business options (Up to 10TB of Cloud Storage per user!)
  • Sync folders (just like the Dropbox folder)
  • Access your files from any computer or device
  • Secure shared folder collaboration
  • Password protected sharing
  • No third-party tracking
  • Offline access

Available On – Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS (No Linux client currently but can be used from web browser)

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