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If you’re looking for the Best Cloud Storage solutions you might want to take a look at what pCloud has to offer. This isn’t a review of pCloud but more like a rundown of what pCloud offers mixed with review elements here and there.

If you’re looking for that perfect balance between features, security and plan options, pCloud might just be the Cloud Storage solution you are looking for! Jam packed with features and up to 2TB of storage and both Free, Premium and Business options available.

If you’re an existing pCloud user already or you’re here because you’re mainly interested in client-side encryption then you can find out more about pCloud’s Crypto option here [eafl id=”126″ name=”pCloud Crypto” text=”pCloud Crypto”].

The main window of the pCloud application looks like this. From here you can manage all aspects of the product from link sharing files or folders, accessing files people have shared with you, inviting users to folders and syncing of files & folders on your computer.

pCloud's application window Cloud Storage

How does Encrypted Storage with the following sound to you?

In addition to pCloud’s great optional client side Crypto let’s look at some of the nice features you can find in pCloud which make it one of the Best Cloud Storage options available. I was impressed when I seen some of these as I had long missed them since Dropbox removed most of them. If you prefer watching videos to reading watch the video below as it covers a lot of the features available.

No Filesize Restrictions

Unlike other services that restrict the size of the files you can upload, pCloud doesn’t and lets you upload whatever size files you wish.

No Speed Restrictions

The only speed restriction in place is the speed of your own internet connection!

Use files in the cloud as if they are saved locally, without taking hard disk space!

With pCloud you can use your files in the cloud as if they are saved locally, but without taking hard disk space (Behaves like network storage). This is especially handy if you have a laptop or computer with limited storage space. You can have up to 2TB of pCloud storage so no more running out of room for your files. You can of course make any files available offline should you need to.

pCloud Save Browser Extension. Save Text, Images, Videos from the web, access them from any device

Save to pCloud allows you to save web images, videos, audiobooks and more from the context menu, directly to your pCloud account. This is easily one of the best save to cloud storage browser extensions I’ve ever used. You can even select multiple images at a time, save them to your account and immediately share links to them with people. If you need to save text, just highlight what you want on any web-page with your mouse and right click on it and choose the Save option. You’ll then be given the option to save it in multiple formats such as txt, doc, html.

Backup Files from other Cloud providers & Social Media

Backup Your Content from Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram & More. Starting a backup is simple, just select the one you wish to backup and approve access and the backup takes care of itself. The files are then availabe from your pCloud folder to view and share.

Backup Cloud Storage Accounts & Social Media

Host Static Webpages!

Simply drop your html formatted text files into a folder and click share and get the link and there you have it, your own Content/Site hosted directly from pCloud that you can share with anybody.

Use it to embed Images in Email Sigs, WebSites, Forums etc

With pCloud you can embed images in things like Websites, Forums, Emails.. All you have to do is click share and then select the embed code and off you go!

There’s also a handy image resizer so you can download your pictures and images at whatever size you need them.

pCloud Easy Image Resizer Download Tool

Sharing files with added simplicity!

Sharing a file is as simple as clicking the share button and copying the link but there’s more! You can Set a password for access, you can set an expiry date for the shared link to stop working and you can create a nice short url and view stats for that shared file to see how much traffic it’s getting.

pCloud Easy Secure Cloud File Sharing

pCloud Password Protected Cloud File Sharing Options

Files can be sent to anybody, they don’t need to have a pCloud account in order for you to share files with them. Just send them the link an they’ll be able to access it.

Using the Invite to Folder option, folders can be shared with friends, family or colleagues and their ability to view or edit the files is whatever level of access you decide on. You can also suspend a shared folder should you need to remove access at any time all from either the pCloud App or Web Interface.

pCloud Music Player with Artists, Albums, Playlists

Organise and play your Music files. Just copy your existing Music into your pCloud folder on your Computer and it will be auto Sync’d and ready to go.. I was pleased when I found this as it beats my old solution of opening Music files in an external Cloud Player app in Google Drive.

pCloud Cloud Music Player

pCloud Cloud Music Player Manager

Optional Client-side Encryption

With pCloud, all your files are encrypted once they reach their servers. If you’re looking for additional security for your files, pCloud also offers client-side encryption.

“We are dedicated to providing users worldwide with unbreakable file security. With pCloud Crypto you can protect your most sensitive information, your private documents, on any device. No one, even pCloud’s administrators, will have access to your content. You hold the key to your online privacy.”

Best Secure Cloud Storage pCloud Crypto

With pCloud’s unique client-side encryption user’s data is kept safely hidden from any unauthorised access. pCloud Crypto lets users protect their confidential files in the Cloud with high-end security you can trust, making it as simple as placing a file in a folder.

pCloud’s security application encrypts data on user’s computer, and uploads only the encrypted version of that data to the Cloud (ie their servers). Files never leave user’s device, so there is no way that anyone receives sensitive information in a plain view-able form. pCloud apply zero-knowledge privacy which to you means Encryption keys are not uploaded or stored on their servers so even the staff who work there are incapable of viewing your files. The encryption key which is called a (Crypto Pass) is only available to the one who creates it, i.e. the user.

Activating the Crypto folder is an easy process and just requires you to enter a password which you must never forget or you’ll lose access to your files with absolutely no way to recover them. Once you’ve entered your password twice the Crypto folder is then activated in your pCloud drive next to all your other folders in there. You’re now free to put whatever you want in there and it will be encrypted and then the encrypted version of those files are sent to the server.

There’s some handy options for the encrypted folder if you need them. You can set it to lock every time your computer goes to sleep or hibernates and you can choose to have your encrypted folder unlock when the computer boots up or you open the app or you can just lock & unlock it as you choose by clicking on it.

So confident that pCloud have client side encryption that nobody can hack they are even offering a $100,000 prize to anybody who manages to.

Try it and see for yourself

With multi device support and auto upload features for your photos and videos on your phone and up to 20GB of free space with their free account there’s no reason not to try pCloud. pCloud is a good solution if you’re looking for a suitable alternative to Google Drive or Dropbox that also gives you added encryption and privacy to meet your needs.

Available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android

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