iDrive – Backup unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices

Today we’re taking a look at iDrive. iDrive is primarily a Cloud Backup service for backing up your Computers & Devices to the Cloud but there’s more to the service than meets the eye. Let me take you through some of what iDrive can offer you.

Need to Backup Multiple Devices to the cloud?

iDrive has you covered! How many Computers, Phones, External Drives have you got in your household that you would like backed up? 5? Maybe 10? iDrive lets you backup multiple devices to a single account. You can also create sub accounts to keep things separate.

Need your data backed up somewhere safe but don’t have a good connection?

Perhaps you don’t have a good internet connection or a limited connection. Many people even today don’t and are still receiving speeds that were available 10-15 years ago. Backing up large amounts of data on a connection like that would be a tedious task taking weeks or even months. Perhaps you just don’t like the idea of uploading all of your files over the Internet.

The Express Option

iDrive has a solution for you. It works like this.. They send you a temporary storage device (Called an express device) via the mail service. This is basically just an external hard disk which you plug into your computer or laptop and transfer all your files onto it which are encrypted to ensure total security. You then ship this back to iDrive who load it onto IDrive’s servers and from there you just do incremental backups via the Cloud to keep everything up to date. If you need to retrieve all of your data again iDrive will ship your most recent version to you.

World-class Data Security

Your data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption on transfer and storage. During the signup process there is the option to create a private key for your account which means that no one but you will have access to your data.

Backup Multiple Devices

IDrive doesn’t store your personal encryption key on their servers. It goes without saying that the key is your responsibility as you and only you have access to it. If you aren’t very good at remembering a key as important as the one which unlocks all your data, you should store a copy of it in a very safe place.

If you ever wondered where exactly your data is kept, with iDrive your data is housed in a very secure facility upon raised floors, with motion detectors, state of the art smoke detection, 24/7 secured access and video surveillance. To put another way, your data is safe!

More than just a Backup Service

For a company whose main service is providing users with safe backups, iDrive have gone beyond what you’d expect from a typical backup service by providing their users with many more features. Features you’d usually find in a Cloud Sync/Storage service. Some of these features include:

File Syncing

Keep your files up to date with Real-time File Syncing across multiple computers and devices.

File Sharing

Share and Collaborate by deciding what permissions to give the recipients. You can choose to allow edit capability or only allow them to view without being able to change the content.

Backup Facebook & Instagram

Backups of your Social Media accounts. Backup your Facebook Photos & Videos, Backup your Instagram uploads too. Once you’ve done your original backup, each time you backup only the new photos & videos will be added keeping your backup up to date.

Timeline Feature

IDrive has a feature called the Timeline feature. On the Web interface there’s a tab called Timeline and on that screen you can have all your photos and videos which have been uploaded via multiple mobile devices. These are displayed by date and there’s also support for GPS data.

Photo Gallery with useful options

The Gallery view makes viewing your photos a pleasant experience. Some features available within it include share via email, download, rotate images, print images.

Video Streaming

You can stream videos which are shorter than 30 minutes or have file size less than 2 GB.

Keep track of your iDrive

See data on logins, uploads, downloads, shares with date and time they occurred and the IP address.

Free & Paid options

iDrive has many storage options available starting with the free 5GB which is free for life. They regularly have special offers available for new customers who are looking to switch from other backup providers.

Available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux(via Script)

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