Cryptomator – Free Cloud Encryption for Multiple Cloud Storage providers

Let me introduce you to Cryptomator, Free Cloud Encryption that’s Open Source. It doesn’t care what cloud platforms you use, it just does one thing and does it well, encrypts your files. While it lacks all the bells & whistles of Boxcryptor, Cryptomator isn’t as simple to set up. You have to locate all your own cloud storage folders on your hard drive whereas Boxcryptor automatically does this for you.

Free Multiple Cloud Encryption tool

For those who are just looking to encrypt their data on multiple cloud services it’s enough. It’s great to see a Cloud Encryption solution for multiple cloud storage providers for those who like to keep things simple and free!

Cryptomator Free Cloud Encryption

There are downsides of course, while there’s mobile apps available for Android & iOS, they cost money which might put some people off and for those people who need mobile access they might want to weigh up their options with a Cryptomator alternative such as Boxcryptor which has mobile apps which are free to use on the free plan and has clients and apps available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, ChromeOS and even Blackberry. It really depends on your requirements as to which the better option is.

Cryptomator encrypts everything you put into the drive on-the-fly. Congratulations, Your cloud files are now secure.

You don’t even need to specify what cloud providers you use. Cryptomator just does its job of encrypting files and doesn’t care where you store them. As a result this makes it a lightweight application.

There are no Vendor lock-ins to worry about, no worrying about whether the company will exist 5 years from now. Even if the developers of Cryptomator stopped developing it the source code is already cloned and in the hands hundreds of other developers Worldwide so development would continue. Since you don’t even require an account in order to use it, you will never have to face those potential pitfalls.

Give it and Boxcryptor a try and see which one meets your needs better. If all you need is encryption for 1 cloud storage provider and you want mobile access too, then the later is the better option without spending any money.

Some features of Cryptomator

  • Free client-side encryption for your cloud files
  • Open source software
  • No registration required
  • No Vendor lock-ins
  • No backdoors
  • Did I mention it’s free!

Available On – Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

*We are not affiliated with Cryptomator in any way.
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