AllSync Cloud – 50GB Storage with Office Integration, Encryption

Allsync is a bit of a hidden gem as far as cloud storage/sync services go. It’s been around for several years and is highly featured but somehow flys under the radar. If I was going to compare Allsync to other cloud storage services I’d compare it to Google drive as Allsync is a viable alternative that offers more storage & offers it for free. There are paid options which i’ll mention further into the post but for now I’m just talking about the free option.

Signing up to Allsync is very straightforward and once you’ve confirmed your email address you’re good to go. You now have 50GB of secure cloud storage space to house your photos, music, videos, pdfs, office docs etc..

Features of AllSync

Once you start using Allsync and sign in & click on the “My Cloud” link you’re taken to the screen shown below where you can manage, create, share & view files. Uploading files can be done manually or you can just drag & drop them into the window. There are no bandwidth limits or file size restrictions in place so you can upload whatever you wish.

AllSync - Create Documents Presentations Spreadseets

History of your activities

Keeping track of every event that has occured on your account is simple thanks to the activities tab. This is handy if you are looking for something from a particular day as you can click on the files here to access them. If you need to roll back to an earlier version of a file this is handy as it takes you directly to the screen where you can access the different versions of that file. There is also a recent files tab on the left hand side which just displays recently uploaded or created files.

AllSync - Activities view

Sharing with Password Protection

Sharing files is an easy process and gives you a level of control you don’t see on a lot of other cloud storage/sync services. Password protection & sharing expiration dates are just a click away. As well as that there’s a handy social share menu which covers 3 of the most commonly used services, Facebook, Google+ & Twitter.

AllSync - Sharing Options

Photo Gallery plus Music & Video Players

Allsync comes with a nice cloud music player. Adding music is as easy as dragging your album folders into the files section then clicking on the music icon & then clicking the scan for music option. If you have albums in separate folders it presents them in an easy to use manor and organised by letter. The player sits on the top so you can continue browsing your music collection and create playlists which the music is playing.

AllSync - Cloud Music Player

The cloud video player is a straightforward affair. To view a file just click on any video file & it will start playing in an overlay. While this isn’t ideal if you’d like to continue doing something else in your Allsync account there are easy ways around it. You can just right click the file & grab either the WebDAV link or choose share & then highlight the share link then right click on that highlighted link & choose open in a new tab. It would be good if they added the option to open a video in a new tab.

AllSync - Cloud Video Player

The Gallery is a basic affair with little options but it gets the job done. One feature to note is it has a slideshow option. There’s no multi select option that I could find which is a bit of a letdown but not a deal breaker because you can easily multi select photos from the file manager.

AllSync - Gallery view

Other small but handy tools include a Calendar, Tasks list tool & a handy note tool for quick note taking or copying & pasting notes into.

OnlyOffice Integration

Easily create Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations and save them directly to your Allsync account. You can then choose to share or collaborate if you wish.

AllSync - OnlyOffice Integration

Allsync Mobile Apps

Apps are available for Android & iOS. There’s some handy features included such as auto camera upload, end-to-end encryption which you can apply to any folder with just a tap. Other useful features are Passcode lock & fingerprint lock to prevent any unwanted access should you lose your device or have it stolen.

For those who need more storage & features. Pricewise a 250GB account will cost you around €25 euros per year, 3TB is around €300 euros. There are Pro & Business plans too which allow for custom domains and multiple users.

For those of you who are on a privacy mission and are perhaps moving away from Google services like Google Drive & Gmail or Hotmail & OneDrive. Allsync provides what you need on the storage/sync & feature side of things. What it doesn’t provide is an email service and you can see some options here if you wish Secure Email Providers.

Some features of Allsync

  • 50GB of free storage on the free account
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, No filesize limits
  • Restore files & File Versioning
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • 2 Step Verification option
  • Automatic camera uploads from mobile devices
  • Document Collaboration

Available On – Via Desktop Client – Windows, Mac. Via Browser – Windows, Mac, Linux. Via app – Android, iOS

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